With Valentine’s Day upon us love is in the air. A pool can be the perfect place for a romantic evening, and when you own a pool, you have the convenience of having your date night right in your backyard!

We’ve compiled a list of 6 great date night ideas for Valentine’s Day…by the pool!

1. Kick Back with Cocktails:

Get your date night started off right with the ambiance of pool lighting while sipping pre-dinner cocktails by the water. Want to really win her heart? Serve her a cocktail along with a rose.

2. Pool-side Dinner for Two:

Whether grilling outdoors or sharing take-out from a favorite restaurant, a pool-side patio is the perfect place to enjoy delectable food over an enjoyable conversation. Create a romantic atmosphere with candles, and music.

3. Pool Floats for Two:

If you want to add some fun, buy a pool float for two. You can relax with your date while floating leisurely around the pool.

4. Go for a Swim:

An evening swim is a fun activity even adults can enjoy. And let’s face it, there are some things you can really only comfortably enjoy doing with your date in the privacy of your own pool 😉

5. Dancing in the Moonlight:

Dancing can be very romantic. Put on a favorite song, grab your date’s hand, and have him or her join you in a pool-side slow dance under the stars.

6. Movie Night:

Instead of going to the cinema, project a movie onto the side of your house or a wall. Or you can even purchase an outdoor projector screen. You and your date can float around in the pool while watching your favorite romantic comedy.

With swimming pool ownership, there are many options for date nights right in your backyard. Having a pool in such close proximity to your house allows for privacy, convenience and the ability to plan the perfect evening. Even if you don’t have a swimming pool this year for Valentine’s Day, it’s never too late to start the pool buying process. Azul Pool and Patio offers swimming pools that are stunningly beautiful and create the perfect ambiance for romance. Contact us today.