Pool Construction

vinyl liner pool construction

NOW is the time to get started on your pool for SPRING 2020!

We build vinyl liner pools which can be constructed much more quickly than concrete pools. We can have you swimming in your new pool in SPRING 2020. This means less inconvenience for you, less time you have to tolerate living in a construction zone, and the sooner you get to enjoy your new pool!

We construct vinyl liner pools that are manufactured by Fort Wayne Pools, a leader and innovator in the pool construction industry. Fort Wayne Pools vinyl liner pools are technically the best most well-constructed pools available. Their liner technology includes invisible, super strong seams and they offer limitless design options and patterns. When you hire Azul Pool & Patio, you can relax because you’ve got a Fort Wayne Pool! CLICK HERE FOR LINER AND POOL OPTIONS

the construction process

What to Expect When We Build Your New Pool. No Surprises!

Azul Pool & Patio will work closely with you to plan the perfect pool to match your dreams and lifestyle. We'll make sure your pool construction progresses smoothly and quickly, disrupting your daily life as little as possible. Our work is guaranteed to ensure you'll be fully enjoying your new pool and outdoor living space for years to come. Here's a step by step description of the process we go through when we build your new pool.


We begin the process by listening to you! We want to understand your dreams and goals for your new pool and outdoor living. We will compile a list of your must-haves, wishlist, and project budget. And we’ll consider the space where your pool and outdoor living space will be constructed.


We will examine your project area and take needed measurements. We will also need a boundary survey of your property at this stage. Boundary surveys are available from your county and may have also been included in your home purchase files.


Next we consider all of our gathered information along with our conversations with you and begin designing your dream pool. Azul Pool & Patio is one of the few pool builders in the St. Louis area that uses Pool Studio software to design our pools. Pool Studio allows us to prepare a digital 3D model of your pool so that you can see before ground has been broken exactly how your new pool and outdoor living space will look and work within your project area. It is very easy at this stage to experiment with different pool shapes and features.


Once you have considered and approved your new pool and outdoor living space plan, Azul Pool & Patio will acquire all required permits and begin breaking ground for your new pool. Your site excavation has begun!


After your pool area has been excavated, we will assemble your vinyl pool walls and build your trenching (the area around the pool perimeter that includes drainage to keep water contained in the pool and create a safe play area for kids and bare feet). Next we will install all pool plumbing and electric components


Our next step is to pour your pool floor and deck area. Azul Pool & Patio uses Pool-Krete® floors in our vinyl lined pools. Pool-Krete® is a factory prepared blend of exfoliated vermiculite and cement which creates a pliable cushioned floor support for your vinyl liner. Sand floors compromise the vinyl integrity and allow pinholes and unsightly indentions. Pool-Krete® floors stay smooth, feel great on your bare feet, and greatly increase the life of your vinyl liner.


We next install the vinyl liner, faceplates and fittings you have selected during the design process. We finish up your pool construction by simultaneously installing all of your pool equipment and filling your pool. This step is a 3 day process. We’re almost done!


After your pool equipment installation is complete and your pool is full, we start everything up and balance the water to make sure everything is working smoothly and that your new pool is perfect!


The rest is all up to you. Enjoy your new pool and outdoor living space from Azul Pool & Patio!