Pool Renovations

major pool renovations

Do You Have a Pool That Needs Renovation?

Is your pool getting old and tired? Azul Pool & Patio can completely remodel your current pool to give it new life again. Azul Pool & Patio renovates ALL TYPES of pools! Our pool renovation projects include replacing vinyl liners, pool tiling, new coping, renovation of pool deck, replaster and any other repairs. Talk to our renovation experts to plan your pool update today!

Pool Tile Replacement

All concrete pools have tile above the pool water line that will break down over time and eventually need to be replaced. Replacing individual tiles is only a temporary fix after your tile begins failing. Azul Pool & Patio can replace all of your tile and give your pool area a fresh new look as well. We have a huge variety of tile options for you to consider.

Coping Replacement

The brick coping mortar bed on concrete pools becomes delaminated over time and will need to be replaced. Your brick coping can be replaced with new brick, coping stones, or poured concrete (which offers very low maintenance). Choose from a huge variety of brick or coping styles and colors.


Concrete pools will usually need to be replastered every 10-15 years. We can replace your pool plaster with a standard marcite finish (a mixture of crushed marble and white cement), quartz finish, or pebble finish.

Pool Painting

Painting your pool is a less costly alternative to replastering to give your pool an updated look.