The weather this week may not have you thinking it’s time to start planning for your new pool.  However, consider the following:

Memorial Day, May 25th
105 days
15 weeks (exactly)
3 months, 15 days

Independence Day, July 4th
145 days
20 weeks, 5 days
4 months, 24 days

Hard to believe but it’s true. So when you look at the timeline reality of building a new pool this year NOW is the perfect time to start. Here is an outline of the average timeline to build a new inground vinyl liner pool in this market:

Design and proposal phase – 2-4 weeks
Permits – 3 weeks average for St. Louis and St. Charles counties
Construction – 6-8 weeks depending on weather

If you started today that would be anywhere from 11-15 weeks pending weather, and we know when spring arrives we will have “weather.” You can see regardless of the temps this week, now truly is the time to start.